St. George Scholarship Program

Saint George Greek Orthodox Church

Southgate, Michigan


Scholarship Program

Revised September 2014


 Purpose & Eligibility:

This scholarship fund recognizes those students who have actively participated in the spiritual and philanthropic life in the Parish Community. The primary criteria for student eligibility revolve around the student’s involvement in Parish spiritual life during their high school years rather than academic grades or personal finances. The Scholarship is awarded to graduating high school seniors and applies to the first year of post-secondary school education. It can be used for accredited baccalaureate degree programs, associated degrees, or vocational schools. Any parish youth who is baptized & chrismated is eligible.


The Parish Council will appoint five members of the Parish to serve a two year term. The terms will concur with the two year terms of the Parish Council. Committee members must not have any children, grandchildren or godchildren potentially eligible for the scholarship during their term. The Committee members will designate one person to Chair the Committee.

 The role of the Committee is to:

  • Explain the scholarship requirements to students and parents
  • Be available to explain the program, answer questions and address concerns
  • Meet in March to review applicants records and to recommend to the Parish Council the names of the students who have met the eligibility and requirements as outlined in this document
  • The scholarship will be announced on Graduation Sunday at the end of the school year

 The role of the Parish Council:

  • The Parish Council interprets the rules of the scholarship program and has the final say. Changes to the plan need the approval of the General Assembly.
  • Determines the amount of the individual scholarships
  • Appoint members to the Committee
  • Oversees the Committee to ensure it carries out its duties; Council can remove Scholarship Committee members who are negligent in their duties
  • Reviews the recommendations of the committee and authorizes payment of the scholarship


Parish youth actively participating in the spiritual life of the church.  Must be baptized and confirmed in the Orthodox Church.


The scholarship program has three tiers with three different award levels. Levels one and two are paid out once. Level three is paid out for two semesters. Examples of the scholarship criteria for each tier is listed below:


  Tier One Example

  • Enrolled in the Sunday School
  • Attends religious services frequently
  • Participates in youth and family programs

 Tier Two Example

  • Regularly attends religious services
  • Regularly attends Sunday School classes
  • Active participant in youth & family programs

 Tier Three Example

  • Frequently attends worship services outside of the Sunday Divine Liturgy
  • Outstanding Sunday School participation,
    • Has several student of the month awards
    • Regularly serves as an altar boy or sings in the choir
    • Volunteers to be a reader on a frequent basis
    • Serves above and beyond in GOYA
    • Participates in the Parish Saint John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival
    • Performs philanthropic service to benefit the Saint George Greek Orthodox Church of Southgate Parish.
    • Eagerly seeks out and participates in
      • Parish sponsored Fund Raisers, Community Service
      • Parish grounds maintenance
      • Parish festivals and events
      • Metropolis of Detroit activities
      • Parish Dance Group
      • Greek Independence Day Parade