Our Parish History

Saint George Greek Orthodox Church History


Saint George’s community traces its beginnings to the 1930’s when Mrs. Rebecca (Petropouleas) Loukas motivated seven families to establish a church. The State of Michigan on June 7, 1941, validated their efforts. Four years later on October 21, the cornerstone for the new church was laid on Porter and Garfield Streets, Lincoln Park. With 35 families, the parish was chartered on February 16, 1951. 

Initial St. George Church                                                  St. George Church Leveled by Tornado

 The first Parish Priest Father Kalistos Kotsonis introduced a line of successors: Father Demetrios Stamos who celebrated services in the church basement in 1949. Father Philemon Sevastiathis who ministered until 1952; Father Alexander Papastefanos who led efforts to build the new church; Father John Magoulias who in 1953 through 1955 guided the community to completion and dedication of the church on April 24, 1955; Father John Magoulias who served until 1963; Father George Hiotis who ministered until June 1968; Father Philemon Karamanos served from 1968 to June 30, 2013; Father Anthony Cook served from January 1, 2013 until January 2, 2022. Our present Parish Priest is Father John Sakellariou who officially began on July 1, 2022.


 Undaunted by a tornado that leveled the church on May 12, 1956, the congregation relocated to Calvary Lutheran Church, Chandler Street, Lincoln Park for 20 years. The Saint George community of 400 families has blossomed and borne fruit. His grace Bishop Demetrios dedicated the Grecian and Youth Center on November 9, 1975. On March 4, 1979, his Grace Bishop Timothy dedicated the Education Building. Until the Church was completed on October 24, 1982, the Saint George Parish held its services in the makeshift hall of the Grecian Center. The community continued with the Deaconess Tower, a 150-apartment building for senior citizens, opening and fully occupied in September 1983. The Reverend Philemon Karamanos Park adjoining the church parking lot added another gem in June 2003.

 Climaxing this remarkable history by God’s Grace came the Consecration of Saint George Church, October 4-5, 2003. The Church views the consecration of a church as a Baptism, a sacred mystery of God’s Grace imparted upon the faithful as well as the church proper. Archbisop Demetrios assisted by Metropolitan Nicholas of Detroit, Father Philomen Karamanos, area clergy, Archdiocesan and Diocesan deacons celebrated in a special two day service the Vespers, Consecration, and the first Divine Liturgy in the newly Consecrated Church set apart for holy use. The relics of three saints were sealed in the altar table: Saint George Feast Day, April 23; Saint Kyricos, Feast Day, July 15; and the Holy Fathers Martyred in Sinai at Raitho Monastery, Feast Day, January 14. The faithful witnessed the Washing and Anointing of the Altar Table. Anointing of Church, Icons, faithful, and light in the Vigil Light. Then, each received a tiny piece of Archbishop Demetrios’ white linen garment, the “Savanon”, as a blessed keepsake. Although the Consecration of a parish is a one time act, a pinnacle of spiritual dedication, it mandates a continual renewal, a consecration of the Christian. This daily re-affirmation to serve Christ and build up the Body of the church invites each Saint George parishioner in the 21stcentury and beyond.


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